EndoUltra by MICRO-MEGA

The essential contribution to the mechanical shaping in continuous rotation.

Authors: Cardinali F.1,2,3,5, Tonini. R.1,2,4,5,6

1 Dental Surgeon in Italy – 2 Member of ISE (Italian Society of Endodontics) and Style Italiano Endodontics, 3 Member of ESE (European Society of Endodontology) and AAE (American Association of Endodontists), 4 Member of SMD (Society of Microscopic Dentistry), 5 senior lecturer in Italy and abroad, 6 Inventor of ProTrain®

The long-term success of the root canal treatment is closely related to the adequate disinfection of the endodontic space during and after root canal shaping.

Practitioners who wish to use cutting-edge technologies for their endodontic treatments are necessarily aware of the real complexity of the root canal system and of the required time and techniques for the cleaning of such a complex space.

Rotary files are meant for work in the main root canal but cannot reach inaccessible areas such as isthmuses and delta, lateral and accessory canals, which according to Peters1 represent more than 50% of the root canal system. The elimination of infected tissue, which persists in non-instrumented anatomically difficult zones, and of debris gathered on the root canal walls due to the rotary files’ action is crucial for the success of the endodontic treatment.

The required time for and the quality of the cleaning are also determining: The current rotary files allow for the complete shaping of a root canal in only a few minutes – a time considered too short for optimal cleaning results obtained through the simple irrigation between two successive passages of a rotary file.

Through cavitation and acoustic streaming produced in the irrigation solution, passive ultrasonic irrigation (PUI) is a quick and effective technique for the debridement of non-instrumented inaccessible spaces, the elimination of dentin debris and the obtention of a thoroughly cleaned root canal.

Nowadays, it is easy for practitioners to profit from all the advantages of a PUI thanks to the EndoUltraTM, a cordless ultrasonic device specially designed for the activation of the irrigation solution during the final rinse procedure.

EndoUltraTM is the first and the only cordless endodontic ultrasonic device capable to create hydrodynamic cavitation inside the root canal as well as acoustic micro-currents due to the propagation of ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 40,000 Hz over the total length of the metallic insert (20/02). This is a really important point, as sonic oder subsonic devices in combination with plastic tips do not really «activate» the irrigant, but «agitate» the liquid like a gutta percha cone moved from the top to the bottom of the root canal.

EndoUltraTM is safe and does not present any risk of tip breakage since the generated power – not adjustable by the operator – was specifically designed for the provided tip. EndoUltraTM also disposes of a led light which ensures maximum visibility on the operating field.

Its ease of use and efficiency make the EndoUltraTM a truly smart device for any practitioner who wishes to use the latest techniques for his endodontic treatments.